WiFi Mesh Radios

STARCOMM Industrial WiFi Mesh Radios provide enhanced coverage to organizations of all sizes. STARCOMM makes delivery and installation simple.

Intended for use in IIoT & Mobile applications, our portable wireless mesh network nodes contain two transceivers which provide Ethernet and Wi-Fi access point interfaces that enable data, voice.

STARCOMM Industrial Mesh WiFi

Extend WiFi access from a central point to the rest of your site with the STARCOMM Mesh WiFi Radio Access Point. IP67 rated to protect against dust and water; the Access Point is built tough and can withstand harsh environments.

STARCOMM makes the Access Point simple to set up in the field and connection status is managed by Starcomm’s 24×7 Network Operation Center. The system also adapts to site updates, reconfiguring automatically as the building progresses. The adaptable mesh network will also repair itself if one unit goes down to maintain optimal performance.

Contractors with the Mesh WiFi Radio System report increased productivity, collaboration, and efficiency – the field crew has access to data, collaborative software, and project management programs in real-time.

WiFi That Won't Let You Down

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