Point to Point

STARCOMM’s Point to Point connectivity infrastructure creates custom networks and connects locations in even the most remote locations.​​​

Point to Point Networks

Point-to-point wireless topology (also called P2P) is the most straightforward network architecture one can set up to connect two locations using a wireless radio link.

P2P wireless links can go from a short-range link connecting two locations just a few hundred feet apart, to a long-range P2P wireless link that connects two locations tens of miles away from each other.

In a P2P-wireless link, distance is affected by each Ethernet radio device’s height, the frequency used, the power level, and environmental interference.

Air Fiber

When the line of sight in between building is possible, STARCOMM engineers can design your point to point network using air fiber technology with speeds of up to 20Gbps.

We have extensive experience designing and installing this type of network in the most severe weather conditions. Our engineers will help you design a robust P2P or point to multi-point network for your application’s needs.

To complete the complexity of this type of design, we can even help you with all the FCC paperwork need it in case you decide to use a licensed commercial frequency instead of a non-licensed frequency.


STARCOMM supports Microwave solutions that extend into the licensed spectrum space, allowing for improved service quality, and reliability, particularly in dense or highly contended RF spaces.

This does require additional FCC licensing, and is subject to available regional, state, and national frequency availability. This can pose an issue if your application is located in a highly-populated area with tons of microwaves around.

Many operators prefer this solution because of its high-reliability compared to air fibers or WiMax connections.

Interested in Point to Point Solutions?

Contact us, and one of our wireless engineers will answer your questions regarding your new or existing project.​


The Speed and Security You Need To Connect Your Most Valuable Assets.

STARCOMM’s P2P Networks connect two locations that securely send sensitive and/or confidential data between each location. P2P’s high performance is due to the low latency of the network. For confidentiality purposes, data traffic does not have to be routed over the public internet, which is where many breaches in security occur.

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