STARCOMM offers job site utilities equipment rentals to help you build vital infrastructure.

Water, sewer and electricity are essential to everyday life. STARCOMM offers the utility service rentals you need to build these critical pieces of infrastructure. With temporary offices, rental equipment and board-mat roads, we facilitate seamless job site and right-of-way operation. Need power? STARCOMM keeps operations humming with clean-burning natural gas and diesel generators. Our utilities equipment rentals even include micro-grid capability that allows us to power large industrial sites temporarily or permanently. Partner with STARCOMM for unbridled expertise in installing worksite infrastructure.

STARCOMM offers a wide selection of utility services, including:

  • Right-of-way maintenance

  • Access control

  • Temporary offices

  • Gas analysis

  • Temporary power

  • Accommodations

  • Standby power

  • Micro grids

  • Lighting solutions

  • Disaster relief generators

  • Peak shaving

  • Temporary emergency utilities

  • Ancillary revenue services through peak shaving and selling excess electrical capacity to power companies